4. “Danger” Dan (2010)

Name:Dan K His Age: 16-17 My Age: 17-18 Ughhhh. Daniel Kennedy, or Danger Dan, as he was know at this time, sooo so sexy. The kid has the nicest abs of anyone I’ve ever fucked. For sure. Still does actually….all tatted up now though. Delicious. So anyways, Dan was Brittany’s younger brother. Brittany and I … Continue reading 4. “Danger” Dan (2010)


3. Frank the P.O.S. (2009)

Name: Frank His Age:23-25 My Age:17 Where: Hotel bedroom See entry # 2. Not much to add beyond: a.took the condom off b.total fucking douchebag p,o.s. c.lazy eye | diseased penis. That’s the last person I had sex with and this collection is now over. The end. I fucking wish. I can’t even tell you … Continue reading 3. Frank the P.O.S. (2009)

1. Jared (2009)

Name: Jared His Age: 24 My Age: 17 Where: living room of his house, shithole home town, Florida. I arranged the loss of my virginity. It was void of intimacy as well as pleasure. Jared was hot though and in my narrow and desperate for approval mind, that was the only thing that was important. … Continue reading 1. Jared (2009)