4. “Danger” Dan (2010)

Name:Dan K
His Age: 16-17
My Age: 17-18

Ughhhh. Daniel Kennedy, or Danger Dan, as he was know at this time, sooo so sexy. The kid has the nicest abs of anyone I’ve ever fucked. For sure.

Still does actually….all tatted up now though. Delicious.

So anyways, Dan was Brittany’s younger brother. Brittany and I had never been suuuuper close but I was close with Chris, Zach, and Dave and they were tight with Brittany so we tried to keep things quiet.
So it wouldn’t be weird.
Plus, during the duration of our having sex, I think Dan and I both started serious relationships with other people.

Other people, who of course, thought we were in sexually exclusive relationships with them…

Dan was a year younger than us, but we were in high school and unlike my brothers, Nick & Aaron, it didn’t bother any of us when Dan tagged along for our group activities. He found out that I was thinking about doing track and hit me up on AIM. Username- dangerdan.

He told me he had been on track since freshman year and that we should train together. I agreed and we made plans to meet out in the field behind his house the following day.

I met up with him and during our first “training” session, a very intense game of tag, he kissed me. I had been chasing after him when he let me catch him. He stopped, smiling cockily at me before leaning in and mashing his lips into mine.Sweaty and panting, he lowered me on the ground, there in the field, kissing me intensely and probably would have taken me there, in the field, if I had not raised the question of protection.
Silly Dan even asked me, confused, whether I was on the pill. As if pregnancy was the only concern.
I was of course on the pill at this point.
My mother was not slow and the shortness of time between our birth control argument and the loss of my virginity were not lost on her.

She had put my promiscuous ass on the pill immediately upon news of my sexual activities.

Around this time, I read “Loose Girl”. It’s a pretty sad book about this girl who has sex because she’s all broken and damaged. It made me feel pretty shitty about myself in a new way- a way that was like- hey you’re really fucked up and it’s kind of okay but you’re kind of also really really fucked up.

So Dan and I fucked for a few months. It was fun and exploratory; risky and satisfactory.
We had sex everywhere- from the wooded trails that stretched beyond his house, to the hallway between the lockers rooms at Mitchell High during AP European History. One time, we would sneak out, again during AP European History because that was just a super appropriate time for such shenanigans, and had sex in Nick’s white mustang.
Sorry, not sorry.

Dan was always fun to me. I remember sitting for hours on AIM annoying the fuck out of Luke as we talked about Dan. Luke had always had a crush on me and though I returned it, he was younger than me and way too woke for me. As an adult, I wish I had gone and fucked around with Luke. Maybe I could have made a difference. I wish I hadn’t let stupid Mormon Amanda and her opinions get in the way of how I felt or make me feel ashamed of who I felt for.

Eventually, Drew Stephens found out that I was fucking Dan and it was over. When Drew looked at me, giddy with excitement and claiming it was the

“angus beef burger of gossip”

I knew the end of track practices had came.

I remember us being all at Britney’s one night after this. Coincidentally, this may actually have been the last time I was at Britney’s house, and some asshat, I suspect Melville, asking her how she felt about me fucking Dan. She looked up at me through her black curtain of hair, emptily, with those gremlin wide brown eyes, and said “he’s my younger brother. It’s weird to think about him having sex.”

Dan and I stopped talking when it stopped being fun. It was mutual and/or I can’t remember who ended it.

When I’m 24 he’ll hit me up on Facebook and start a sexual oriented snapchat relationship where fantastical plans of sexual deviance never come to fruition..


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