3. Frank the P.O.S. (2009)

Name: Frank
His Age:23-25
My Age:17
Where: Hotel bedroom

See entry # 2.

Not much to add beyond:
a.took the condom off
b.total fucking douchebag p,o.s.
c.lazy eye | diseased penis.

That’s the last person I had sex with and this collection is now over. The end.

I fucking wish.

I can’t even tell you who came next, honestly.
I learned early how to smoke awayyyyy the bad and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Greg, Mike, Riley, and Dan Kennedy were all my shitty hometown sexual exploration days guys.

I couldn’t tell you why I had sex with a single one of them, retrospectively, except maybe to justify and create my own sexual experiences; ones where I had some semblance of control, maybe…

But probably I’m just a whore. Whatever.


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